• Super Patch Co by VoxxLife  Independent Associate

    Super Patch Co by VoxxLife Independent Associate


    Health & Wellness

    About Us

    I am an Independent Distributor with The Super Patch Company by VoxxLife. I offer drug-free, non-invasive solutions to a variety of concerns regarding health, wellness and athletic performance. Our product line consists of a variety of high quality wearable items such as socks, insoles & knee sleeves that have been embedded with our proprietary technology to enhance brain function and create balance in the body. As of August 2022, we have introduced a line of 9 different Super Patches that are worn anywhere on the body and are each created with specific patterns to target and stimulate a specific response in the nervous system affecting different areas of the brain to optimize different challenges in life from pain, to balance & stability to sleep and more!


    Freedom Pain patch
    Liberty Patch for Movement & Stability
    Peace Patch for Stress and Anxiety
    Flow Patch for Attention & Cognitive functions
    Defend Patch for Optimized Health
    Ignite Patch for optimized Metabolism
    Focus Patch for improved focus & concentration
    Victor Patch for Improved Athletic Performance
    REM Sleep Patch
    VoxxLife Athletic Socks with HPT Technology
    VoxxLife Athletic Knee High Performance Socks with HPT Technology
    VoxxLife Active Insoles with HPT Technology
    VoxxLife Knee Support Sleeve with HPT Technology