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    About Us

    Hi! I’m Jessie, and I’m so happy to share my journey with you!
    In 2013, I was happily settled in to a successful career in the corporate world, thinking I was exactly where I wanted to be. My family and I were in the process of building our first home, and we were so excited about designing and creating the space.

    I quickly realized that all of visions I had in my head for furniture, decor and finishing were nowhere to be found and I’d have to create them myself. So, I scoured Pinterest, grabbed some paint, and taught myself some basic furniture painting skills. What started as a coffee table, quickly grew into new pieces for every room in our home. It wasn’t long before I was hooked on this creative process and decided to give it a shot selling my work.

    After a few months, I had grown so successful
    that I was no longer able to manage working full time and running my little side business, so I went all in. I left my career and decided that this was my calling.
    Fast forward about 7 years, in 2021 I needed more space. It was time to move my workspace out of my home, into a shop. I set up a tiny retail space in the front to showcase my work. Within a couple of months, the retail space had grown to include a handful of local vendors.

    Here we are today, with over 18 Canadian vendors and a retail space that has almost tripled in size! So, it’s time to rebrand. Airdrie Furniture Revival no longer captures the full scope of my business. It’s a piece of it, but not all of it. This is how Complete Home Collective was born.


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