• State of the City Address with Mayor Peter Brown

    Today, the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce hosted this year's State of the City Address with the keynote speaker being Mayor Peter Brown. Mayor Brown addressed some of the highlights and what to look forward to in the future. 

    Mayor Brown started by saying it is nice to see everybody back in person throughout the community. 

    “The Children's Festival was rockin’. They had thousands and thousands of visitors from Airdrie and outside of Airdrie.” 

    Brown also touched on how much Airdrie is growing and says lots of people are moving to the city. 

    “This is the best place to be in Alberta and, I would argue, in Canada. We’re the place to be.” 

    With Airdrie growing so fast, Brown touched on some up-and-coming developments, such as Saw Grass Park, Wildflower, Lamont, Cobblestone on the west side of Airdrie, and Lanark on the southeast side of Airdrie. 

    “You're seeing some work down around Cam Clark Ford and there's a Costco expansion going in just to the north of them. They're doing some road work to realign the roads. That's exciting stuff that's coming. They will provide great opportunities for Airdrie and area residents.” 

    Brown mentioned other ongoing projects that are underway around Airdrie, such as the 40th Avenue Overpass, which he says is right on track and still on budget. He also brought up the new Multi-Use Library Facility taking over the space at the old Firehall on Main Street, saying construction will begin shortly.  

    Brown talked about the new North East Regional Park and how excited he is about it. He is a little worried, though, about how much the new South West Recreational Facility will cost when it comes time to build it, with the current prices of material. But never the less, he is excited about that as well. 

    The Mayor mentioned how Minster of Health Jason Copping had a tour of the Urgent Care Facility and wants to remind Airdronians how important it is to advocate for its health care system by sending letters and emails to Minister Copping about how we need help from the Provincial Government. 

    Brown finished off his speech by recognizing some important role changes within the City of Airdrie, with Mike Pirie stepping up to be the Fire Chief. Former Fire Chief Kevin Weinberger moved to the Director of Community Growth and Protective Services position for the City of Airdrie. City Manager Paul Schulz is also announcing his retirement from the city after working 11 years as the Chief Administrative Officer for Airdrie.