• Shopping local benefits everyone, now it's easier!

    Shopping local supports your friends & neighbours, boosts the local economy, and benefits everyone.

    (Credit: Courtesy Alberta Chamber of Commerce | Photography by Adrien Veczan Photo)

    We've been through a lot the last couple of years, and it's been tough on everyone. We all miss the way things were before the pandemic, but some of us have struggled more than others. Many people out there are just trying to make ends meet. So, what can we do to help?

    We can support local businesses by shopping local this holiday season. Shopping locally supports individuals and families and creates healthier communities. It keeps money in the local economy, making things better financially for everyone. It's a simple way to support our friends and neighbours.

    Now, shopping local has never been easier. Chamber Market puts local Alberta businesses all in one convenient place: Chamber Market.  

    What is Chamber Market

    The Alberta Chambers of Commerce rallied local chambers of commerce from every corner of the province and brought them together in one place. Chamber Market has vendors near where you live and from communities throughout Alberta. It's Alberta's largest online market and has a great selection of products made here in our backyard. New vendors are joining daily and any business in the province can sign up!

    "Our provincial economy has been hit especially hard in the last two years. Small businesses have been impacted like never before and this chamber market initiative is one step in the right direction" said Marilyne Aalhus, Executive Director of the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce. "This online market is building a vibrant small business e-commerce platform for our province. Chambers are coming together to build a sales platform for all businesses to sell on and for all consumers to enjoy!" 

    Your favourite Alberta makers and many new-to-you businesses are on this modern-day market. You can check out their stuff and make purchases from multiple vendors from the comfort of your home.

    (Credit: Courtesy Chamber Market)

    What you'll find on Chamber Market

    Chamber Market offers a vast selection of high-quality products and services from businesses in every corner of Alberta. When you go to the website, you'll see clothing, beauty and wellness products, household supplies, art and décor, collectibles, pet-friendly products and more. It's like a massive online retail store, fully stocked with locally crafted goods! You can also buy fruits and vegetables, honey and jam, meat, dressings, sauces, plant-based products, ready-made meals, drinks, and other food products.  

    Buy bath products from Drumheller, Christmas décor from Lloydminster, and espresso coffee beans from Beaumont, all in one afternoon. You'll find products for everyone on your list this holiday season and a valuable shopping resource for any day of the year.

    Chamber Market also offers services from local businesses so that we can support them too. Find entertainment, recreational, house cleaning, tax planning, interior design services and others.

    "Consumers will be able to shop with multiple vendors across the platform while supporting local. It truly is a win, win for everyone involved." said Aalhus.

    Whether you're shopping for someone on your Christmas list or yourself, you'll find the best of Alberta on Chamber Market.

    (Credit: Courtesy Chamber Market)

    Why shop local?

    You already know that the quality and craftsmanship of local products are often superior to what you'll find at a box store. You have a heart for people, want to support your neighbours, help their businesses grow, and boost that economy.

    Shopping locally is more sustainable and better for the community. Your goods won't travel across the country, or the world, to get to you. Instead, the money you spend goes directly to the local business, supporting people right here, their families, and our communities.  

    Plus, local makers and food producers can tell you where they've sourced their products and how things were made or grown. Shopping local can allow you to make conscientious purchasing decisions that align with your needs and values. Having access to these businesses online adds simplicity and convenience. 

    "The world of online shopping is our new reality and Chambermarket.ca is meant to support local businesses and encourage spending in our communities instead of foreign e-commerce stores. This is a way to still shop online while supporting local." said Aalhus.

    (Credit: Courtesy Chamber Market)

    Start shopping

    Go to Chamber Market where you can shop products, browse specific categories, or look for products offered by businesses from your community's chamber of commerce.

    By supporting those local businesses, you'll help people close to home and invest in your community's future. And you'll get some incredible products and services too!

    (Credit: Courtesy Chamber Market)