• Home and Lifestyle Show Brings Airdrie to Life

    The Airdrie Home and Lifestyle Show hosted by the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce was held this past weekend and plenty of Airdrionians took part in the big event.

    This year, the event was sold out with around 200 vendors at Genesis Place.

    Marilyne Aalhus, the Executive Director of the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce was so happy to see so many Airdronians attend the event.

    "It was so wonderful to see all the vendors back. We had a ton of turnout, Saturday we had thousands of people come through the door and Sunday as well."

    The exact number of how many attended the show is still being calculated, but Aalhus mentioned the show did exceed their expectations.

    "This show is really kicking off spring - showcasing amazing businesses and nonprofits within the region, and encouraging our residents and visitors to shop local and support our amazing businesses here in our community," explained Aalhus.

    Michelle Pirzek, the Coordinator for the Airdrie Festival of Lights was super happy with how their weekend went at the grand event.

    "It has been wonderful seeing everyone's faces and smiles out and about while enjoying the warm weather. We've had a great time this weekend."

    The show is a big deal for the Airdrie Festival of Lights as Pirzek feels it reminds Airdronians they are still around all year round.

    "Attending events like this just helps us keep top of mind with people. We enjoy letting them know that we're always looking for volunteers where you have sponsorship opportunities. It's just a great time to connect."

    AirdriePhoto of the Airdrie Festival of Lights booth, Photo of Faith Wilks and Lumi

    A newer business in Airdrie like Gummi Boutique loves to take opportunities like this to get out and about in the community.

    "We love supporting all the events that happen in Airdrie. It's a great community. And we always have a really great time coming out," explained Caelen Haney, the Owner-Operator of Gummi Boutique.

    Haney explained this is a great way to meet new people.

    "We see a lot of people that we don't normally see in our location coming out. We are still new to Airdrie so, we're still spreading the word and letting people know that we're here. This is a great way to do that."

    One of the big hits of the whole show was in the in-house cotton candy machine Gummi Boutique was making.

    AirdriePhoto of the Gummi Boutique booth.

    One of the events on the stage was the money tunnel where Airdronians got a chance to grab as much "show money" as possible to spend during the event at the local vendors.

    AirdriePhoto of a young Airdronian just after the money tunnel.

    This was the 45th year of the Airdrie Home and Lifestyle Show.

    The show will be back next year!