• Airdrie Chamber welcomes new board members from Balzac

    The Airdrie Regional Chamber of Commerce has expanded its Board of Directors to include Rocky View County.

    At their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 7, the Airdrie Chamber approved revised bylaws to guarantee Rocky View County and particularly the Balzac region fair representation.

    According to the Chamber, this signals a new era of partnership and collective action in advancing economic growth and prosperity across the region. The three Balzac business leaders now on the board include Jerry Cristobal, James Moller, and Colleen Stewart.

    "The inclusion of Balzac representation on our Board of Directors is a testament to our dedication to serving the needs and interests of all businesses in our region," said Marilyne Aalhus, Executive Director of the Airdrie Regional Chamber of Commerce. "We are excited to welcome representatives from Rocky View County and look forward to leveraging their expertise and insights to further our shared goals of economic advancement and regional prosperity."


    According to the Airdrie Chamber, to ensure that opinions from Airdrie and Rocky View County are heard and taken into consideration in the Chamber's strategic decision-making processes, the new bylaws ensure that Rocky View County will be represented on the Board of Directors.

    "Collaboration is essential in driving regional growth and prosperity," said James Moller, a newly appointed Board member representing Rocky View County. "We are eager to work closely with our counterparts in Airdrie to identify opportunities, address challenges, and create a thriving business ecosystem that benefits businesses and residents alike."

    The Airdrie Regional Chamber of Commerce represents local companies and nonprofits collectively, promoting their interests and bringing about constructive change. 175 of the group's almost 650 members live outside of Airdrie.


    “It is important for businesses and non-profits who are in the Balzac region of Rocky View County know that our chamber is here to serve them. There is strength in numbers, and we are excited to have our name now showcase the area that we work in. Not only has our name changed, but we are also offering more services and events within the region so that all our members have an opportunity to connect and learn from each other.” Says Shane Groarke, Chamber President

    The Airdrie Regional Chamber was founded in 1973 with the mission of supporting our community, promoting growth, and creating relationships that strengthen businesses.