• Airdrie Chamber anticipates Mayor's State of the City Address

    With COVID-19 cases falling and restrictions slowly lifting for both businesses and individuals, Airdrie business owners are anticipating trying to slowly get back on their feet.  

    Many of those owners will be also anticipating what Mayor Peter Brown will have to say about that and the state of the Airdrie economy at his annual State of the City address hosted by the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday (June 8).

    The event goes virtually on Zoom from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm.  

    Chamber Executive Director Marilyne Aalhus said as the community continues to navigate its way through the pandemic, Brown's thoughts will be on many of the difficulties business people in Airdrie, and around the world, have experienced over the last 15 months, and how the city will fit into their strategy to come back.

    "I definitely know he's really going to speak from the heart and show our business community how truly supportive the city is and how they have really tried to champion business throughout this entire pandemic.  I know he'll speak to the heartache and to the pain our businesses have suffered and hopefully discuss some new supports and ongoing support that the city will continue to offer them."

    However, while she said Brown will talking about helping business through supports, Aalhus believes he'll also discuss other ways the city is helping them, through some very exciting projects underway in Airdrie.

    "Obviously the 40th Avenue interchange is on its way.  We have a new library that's officially been earmarked to start construction.  He will talk about some exciting projects and speak about the economy and where we're going for the next year."

    The address also includes time for Airdrie business, and any residents who sit in, to ask questions of the Mayor about things that concern them.