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    About Us

    Most people haven’t heard of LegalShield before. Or if they have, they make the accurate assumption that we are listed as a Multi Level Marketing Company. But what most don’t realize is that we have two sides to our company. There is a network marketing side, and there is the B2B (Business to Business) side.

    I chose my “major” on the B2B side, specializing in empowering business owners & their employees with affordable Legal & Identity theft monitoring & restoration protection. I completed my certification to be able to provide these services to Business owners & their employees in September 2019.

    Most employers offer health/dental benefits & EAP programs. Most EAP programs offer limited access to lawyers only for advice. What we offer does not conflict with, nor do we compete with, other offered services within existing company Employee Assistance Programs. We are unique and offer a powerful service to your employees that doesn't just stop with advice. We are revolutionizing the legal industry by providing an entire suite of services as a part of membership.

    Our benefits can be offered either as a voluntary benefit (no cost to the company) or the company may choose to cover it (either partially or fully).

    For your Business -

    Have you ever...

    Had to hire or fire an employee?
    Had a dispute with a vendor/customer?
    Needed a lawyer to draft a letter or make a call to resolve a legal issue for you?
    Needed a lawyer to review a contract and provide advice?
    Been worried about getting sued?

    For less than $5.76 per day, we can help with this and more.

    Call me.


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