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    Silver & Ivy Beads was created with the intention of selling pins and jewelry to raise money for Indigenous and Metis non-profit organizations. As of December 2022, Silver & Ivy Beads has donated over $5,000!

    In 2021, Kristi, a Red Rive Metis, learned how to bead from a local Metis Elder. Over the span of 12-months, she's participated in national beading circles, has learned how to hand-sew moccasins and the art of tufting.

    Using vibrant colored seed glass beads, Silver & Ivy Beads is best known for their pins, whether it's hearts (Pride, Orange, Pink), Orange Shirts, or Poppies. Kristi is thrilled to be able to take the sales from the initiative pins and put them towards causes to help lead changes in people's lives.


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    Orange Shirt Pin
    Orange Heart Pin
    Pride & BIPOC Pins
    Ukraine Hearts
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