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    Michelle Neustaedter Counselling is
    Michelle is a take-action, no-nonsense, results oriented counselling therapist and executive coach whose goal is to help others succeed. Michelle has been working in mental health since 2009. She holds a master's degree in Psychology, is currently working towards her doctorate in counselling and psychotherapy, and is certified as a counsellor (CCPA), counselling therapist (ACTA), coach (JMT), and trainer (JMT)

    Having been through her own series of challenges, both personal and professional, she is able to better understand some of the difficulties individuals and couples can face. Michelle oversees practicum therapists working toward their provisional psychologist designation and imparts these same principles in them. Michelle brings the fruit of her training, extensive study and reflection, and life experience to her work.

    Michelle Neustaedter Counselling offers affordable private therapy through low cost, sliding scale, and EAP/EFAP contracts.

    Mental health is just as important as physical health. You are not alone in your struggles, just as you are not alone in overcoming them.

    Admitting you need help is not always easy, but everyone needs help sometimes, and reaching out for help is a courageous and strong act! By seeking help, it shows that you value yourself and that you want to make positive changes in your life.

    Every mental health concern is valid and worth treating.

    On top of having Individual Counselling options and Couples Counselling options. Michelle runs a variety of groups and programs.


    Michelle Neustaedter
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