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    About Us

    Workplace Safety is the responsibility of workplace parties – the employees and employers. Hipot Alberta Inc. is a workplace safety support company that provide services to businesses and organizations through consulting, training, on-site safety support and implementation of Safety processes.

    During this COVID-19 pandemic, we assist businesses to prepare and develop a COVID-19 safety prevention action plan to proactively prevent a COVID-19 incident among employees and visitors to the workplace.

    Our other services includes Facility Safety Inspection. Regular facility inspections help ensure that occupational safety hazards are addressed before they result in possible injuries.

    We also conduct Risk Assessment of work task to identify the inherent risks and develop robust safeguards to prevent injuries to employees, property damage and preserve the environmental footprints.

    We help businesses to develop and implement safety processes and training about Managing Safe Work. For more of our services, please visit our website at www.hipot.org or send us an email through info@hipot.org.